May 21st, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Image is everything. Thirst is nothing.

The school district is offering the suspended kids a deal. (I bet somebody at Pizza Hut is feeling all Jack McCoy-ish about this.) The kids won't fail and will graduate on time if they take the expulsions and promise not to sell book or movie rights.

Feh. The district knows they'll lose in court, and wants to avoid that disgrace. They also don't want the story to show up as a "very special" Lifetime movie event.

No matter, the kids are rejecting the deal.
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Enterprise Bridge

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They charged two parents with providing alcohol to minors and allowing underage consumption today. We all knew that was coming, and that is as it should be.

Ever since this started, people have complained about how bad this incident makes everyone else look. To all those complaining people:

Knock that shit off.

There are over 2000 current students at North. Thousands that came before, and thousands that will come after. Of those multitudes, only a few dozen participated in this thing. They chose their actions, they bear the responsibility and will suffer the consequences for them. Their mistake does not diminish the accomplishments of the rest of you/us. (Even if that accomplishment was just showing up every day for four years and surviving to tell the tale.) Anyone who thinks so hasn't got a damned clue.

If someone tells you that you ought to feel ashamed, tell 'em to fuck themselves. If a college passes on your application because they think the actions of your idiot classmates trumps your academic record, take that as an indication of the kind of people they are, ignorant and petty and not suited to teach you anything. This will pass. New Trier had a standardized test cheating incident a few years back. How often do you hear about it?

Make your life and your reputation about the things you think are relevant.