April 24th, 2003

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JMS says: Babylon 5 season 2 DVD release next Tuesday, discussions happening to release Crusade. The Amazon page lists a gag reel amongst the additional features.

Pity, though, they'd never get the rights to include the music videos that Joe used to show at Comic Con. (As an example, the Season 4 video included, amongst other things, a few of the heroic Sheridan scenes set to Queen's "Flash Gordon" theme.)
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I stopped at Wal-Mart today for some stuff. They're selling (now that the fighting is over) big yellow ribbons meant to be wrapped around trees and stuff like that. It reminded me of something.

The last time we went to war in/near Iraq, people were wearing yellow ribbons fairly early on, during the Desert Shield phase. There were also some people wearing white ribbons instead of yellow ones. What was the difference? If you wore yellow, you were showing support for the troops and the (clearly pending) war. If you wore white, you were showing support for the troops, but not the war they were sent to fight.

And nobody got any shit for this.

So all you people out there railing against people who oppose the war, crucifying Natalie Maines for being embarassed Shrub is a fellow Texan, or calling hypocritical or traitorous people who say they support the troops but oppose the war and the President,

all you people can ride George H. W. Bush's meat pipe.

Thank you, drive through.
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Niles North baseball, all Farked up

This story made Fark today. A hawk dropped a dead rabbit on a Niles North HS assistant baseball coach, interrupting the game. At the time, they were playing Niles West. It would've been funnier had Niles North been playing Maine South (alma mater of one Hillary Rodham,) whose nickname is the Hawks.

Incidentally, I notice Niles West caved to public pressure and changed their nickname from the Indians to the Wolves. They also considered Rough Riders, Fire Ants, and Trojans. Trojans would've been an interesting choice, beside the obvious adolescent humor, as the district's original high school (Niles Township, later Niles East, now defunct and housing the Skokie Campus of Oakton Community College) used that nickname.
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There's apparently a band 'a fuckin' cockknockers running the show at the San Francisco Chronicle. They fired technology reporter Henry Norr for participating off-the-clock in a protest against the Iraq war. The Chronicle's ethics code does not prevent employees from participating in public political events, and apparently was changed following Norr's suspension.

In another window, I discovered Griffin Technologies' Total Remote. It's a small plug-in device and software package for PocketPC systems that turns it into a beautiful universal remote control.

I've been looking at high-end universals lately, in hopes of clearing the five remotes I have to use daily to run the living room setup. My biggest complaint about most universals is they lose the menu keys that let you adjust your TV set, program your VCR, and do anything but the most mundane tweaking of stereo systems. The $300-and-up universals give you some of this back, but it's a little cumbersome. And nothing supports the TiVo properly.

The Total Remote doesn't require much in the way of hardware. I figure I can find an old iPaq handheld on eBay for cheap, and have something far more flexible. You can create custom skins for TR, plus it's a learning remote, so it oughtta drive damned near anything. The possibilities that a wireless Ethernet CF card add are stunning.