April 21st, 2003

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Set for "Anal Volcano!"

Slashdot is going to interview Warren Ellis

The Sheriff's Department dragged one of the safety radar trailers out on Espola Rd again today. It didn't set off my radar detector. I noticed later I'd unplugged it while sitting in the Borders parking lot (the Staples next door has K-band door openers, the noise was driving me nuts.) I plugged it back in. Driving back down the hill after today's JV baseball game, it still didn't go off, yet the sign was reporting my true speed.

I'm not sure if this is Ku band radar, or if it's laser using a duty cycle the V1 doesn't recognize as a traffic enforcement device.
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Enterprise Bridge

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In addition to being Easter, yesterday was the 4-year anniversary of the Columbine shooting. (Side note: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine releases on DVD tomorrow.) That reminded me to try again to pull Showtime's Bang Bang, You're Dead off the TiVo for archive to DVD.

Since it runs an hour and a half, the file is pretty big. There's some oddity in the mfs_stream module that keeps Netscape and wget from grabbing more than the first 2 gig. curl pulled it down just fine, sparing me the need to learn more about tcl or the behavior of web browsers. The video just fits onto a single 4.7G DVD-R.

Sizzle has been updated, and now supports setting chapter stops in the stream.</a>

I watched pieces of it to verify the transfer went through okay. (It did.) Something said late in the movie prompted a thought... "After tomorrow, kids are going to watch what they say. They're going to watch who they push around."

Around Poway, I don't think they do. From what I observe on the occasions I'm on campus during the day, I think the only time anyone thinks of what violence a classmate might do is in responding to such a classmate's reaction to treatment, or odd behavior. I don't think anyone thinks before they act or speak. Does anyone at Columbine, or Thurston, or any of the other schools where these events happened?
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