March 18th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

Fuckers on the move?

Nosing around the 'net, I saw someone use the phrase "Hawthorne (or whatever it's called now)" to describe the mall on the northwest corner of Milwaukee Avenue and Town Line Road in Vernon Hills. (AKA Illinois Routes 21 and 60 to you heathens that can't comprehend names.)

Did those Westfield fuckers buy and rename THAT mall too?

Of all the things in the world, MALLS do not need brand identities. All large regional malls rent strollers and sell gift certificates. The better ones have a good selection of restaurants in the food court. I don't see anyone bypassing a mecca of commerce just because Sarah Ferguson's mugshot isn't plastered on the walls and the staff doesn't wear red jackets. Malls need brand identities like fast food joints need fucking tip jars.
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Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:


Tue., March 18
(5) Glenbrook North 71, (1) Zion-Benton 55


At Carver Arena, Peoria Civic Center
Fri. March 21

Game 1: Evanston vs. Belleville West, noon
Game 2: Von Steuben vs. Peoria, 1:45 p.m.
Game 3: Downers Grove South vs. Thornwood, 6:30 p.m.
Game 4: Johnsburg vs. Glenbrook North, 8:15 p.m.

When they beat Hoffman Estates in the Barrington sectional finals last Friday, I hedged my bet and booked a flight home for first thing Friday morning. I figured, if they lost tonight, I'd just spend the weekend at home with family and friends. They didn't. They beat a favored Zion-Benton team by 16 points... egads, in regulation! I about jumped through the roof screaming when I saw the text coalesce on the screen.

I'm leaving on the first direct Southwest flight out on Friday morning, I get into Midway at 1:30. From there to baggage claim to the rental car straight down the Stevenson to Peoria. Yeah, I'm over ten years out of Glenbrook North. But it's still my home, these are still my people, I still know the coaches, and this will always be my team. They don't go downstate every year. Even if I'm not working the bench or the table, I'm content to sit in the stands, 'cause I gotta see this...
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