March 16th, 2003

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Look what the archives coughed up

(Oddly, Phoenix can't connect, so I have to post this through the web interface.)

I was paging through stuff in the file cabinet, when I ran across what might be the first scoresheet I ever kept using my current all-in-one format. I wasn't tracking shot attempts yet, but I was tracking non-scoring statistics like rebounds and turnovers across the bottom half of each player's line.
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Enterprise Bridge

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On "Real Time With Bill Maher" back on the 28th, they listed some reality shows that are already on, and some up-and-coming candidates. The list included:
"Would You Fuck That"
"I'm A Jew! Get Me Out Of Here!"
"The Search For The Biggest Tits In America"
"Survivor: Omaha"
"Joe Amputee"
"Who Wants To Finger My Sister?"
"Celebrity Who Wants to Finger My Sister?"
"Win Kato Kaelin's Money"
"Kill Chuck Woolery or He'll Kill You"

And Larry Miller would watch the last eight of those!
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Lincoln, being the up-scale division of Ford, has the Navigator and the Aviator. I'm waiting to see the luxury version of the Taurus station wagon, the Lincoln Fornicator.

'Cause really, no other type of car is more appropriate for off-the books nookie. Nothing else allows one that much room to stretch out and get busy. One of my few great regrets in life is that I never took the opportunity to use my 1984 Parisienne for that purpose.