March 14th, 2003

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Wow. I fire up slrn today, and I see the new newsgroup:

Wonder what saqliq Jay Denebeim pissed off today?

I hauled my ass up the baseball scoreboard today, trying once again to figure out why part of it randomly shuts off mid-game. Each of the signal lines (there's three) is supposed to have a 100-ohm terminating resistor on it. Lo and behold, the pair corresponding to the section that shuts off has no resistor. *grumble* 30 minutes and a trip to Radio Scam later, it's replaced. We'll see if that solves things. If this fails, all I really have left to do is to re-pull the entire cable run, which is at least 500 feet.
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Basketball's done for the year here in Poway. But back home, Glenbrook North finally has a team again. They just beat Hoffman Estates 51-44 to go to Tuesday's supersectional against Zion-Benton. If they win that, it gets them a trip to the state finals in Peoria.

Their phenom freshman's older sister played club ball with my little sister Holly, and one of their seniors' mom used to work with my mom. They're good people, so are their coaches, so I'm glad to see they're doing this well again.

If only the damned radio organization could get a webcast going...
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