March 8th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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Entertainment Weekly is reporting that George Lucas has said, through his publicist, that he doesn't plan to release to DVD the first three "Star Wars" films as they were originally released in theaters, only the late-90's "Special Edition" revamps.

My first inclination is to say I'll refuse to buy them. Greedo did not shoot first, you sanctimonious politically-correct knobgobbler.

But that aside, it is essential that those films be released in their original form. Even though they might not be what Lucas originally saw in his head, due to the technical limitations of the time, they were still groundbreaking for 1977-1983. Nothing before them did what those films did; they set the standard for a decade to come. That's extremely significant.
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Enterprise Bridge


A friend who's a naval officer related a story about Colin Powell and an Iraqi reporter, but it turns out it's only an urban legend.

Oh well, it's still a good joke.