March 1st, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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I found out one of my friends, who was instrumental in convincing me to move to San Diego in the first place, has a) temporarily moved back to San Diego after having moved back to Illinois, b) been forced by circumstance to repeat his undergraduate education, c) finally, at long last and after much effort, gotten accepted into veterinary medical school, and d) is getting remarried this summer. This is the short list of highlights... he's been so ungodly busy the last couple of years, so far beyond what I assumed, it's no wonder I haven't heard back from him.

I got a quote on the scoreboard upgrades for the high school's gym. It's over double what I anticipated. One, a pair of shot clocks costs $1600/pair, not the $600/pair I thought was a safe assumption. Two, the manufacturer has changed its communications protocol. We'll call the old one "English" and the new one "Spanish". Our existing (and perfectly functional) scoreboards understand English. They sell control units that speak "English" as well as "Spanish". (This is good, as our existing "English" control unit is fuxd and needs replacing.) Unfortunately, it won't speak both "English" and "Spanish" at the same time, and the shot clocks they can sell us will only understand "Spanish". Upgrading the receiver/driver boards in the existing scoreboards to understand "Spanish" will cost another $1600. (Oh, and all this is plus tax. Public schools in California are not tax-exempt as they are in Illinois.)

They're talking about cutting freshman sports due to budget cuts. It's gonna be real dicey if I can get this paid for. What we have still works, even if it works badly. While I'm willing to spend my own money on projects up there (which I've already done,) four grand is outside reason for me.

My baseball game tomorrow got canceled on account of the rain that's been soaking the county the last three days.
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