February 24th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

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I saw this neat-looking little box on the shelf last week at Gateway Electronics, one of the local surplus electronics joints in San Diego. It had a 2-line LCD screen, a keypad, a couple of dials marked "Ring level" and "Data level", and a couple of modular jacks on the back. The label on the bottom said "CID-SIMULATOR". For "$10.00 As-Is", it seemed like an interesting gamble.

It turns out it's a (prototype) Caller ID simulator. Not a receiver but a transmitter. Plug a phone or CNID display into it, and you can send a ring signal and a Caller ID packet to the device to test it out. I'm sure they built it so people designing receiver devices could verify they worked. But it's just as useful for testing, say, software that takes action based on incoming caller ID, like my long-deferred fax/voicemail server upstairs.

I didn't really get this call:
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