February 15th, 2003

Enterprise Bridge

More TiVo hacking

DVDs require 48 kHz audio. I burned my State of the Union response stream to a DVD-R. The Apex AD-600A just spun in the "DVD Loading" phase (though it didn't hang--I ejected the disc with no problems.) My PlayStation 2 played the video just fine, but no audio. My Sony DVD player also seemed to play the video fine (but perhaps very slightly jerky?) with "chipmunk"-like audio. That sounds consistent with playing the audio back at a higher sample rate than it was meant to be played.

This was very illuminating:

Playing MPEG stream from SOU2003DemResponseS192SS0.m1a ...
MPEG 1.0 layer II, 192 kbit/s, 32000 Hz stereo

Thus it looks like I need to transcode that audio.

The next trick is going to be figuring out how to master a DVD image with chapters. You can create multiple titles with Sizzle right now, but that's different from chapters. Ultimately, I want to be able to mark the locations of commercial breaks (which hopefully I can remove) as chapters.