February 6th, 2003

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Mobile iPod glory

I've been designing a panel to mount in the car to hold the control head for my mobile radio, the hands-free car kit for my cell phone, and a quick-mate cradle for my iPod. The iPod is the hard part, since I wanted something I could slide it into and not have to mess with cabling. What I had in mind involved quite a bit of plastic and woodwoorking, and would probably take a while to get right.

Then I saw this in this month's MacAddict. It's an FM transmitter, but I'm pretty sure I can tap out its headphone plug and connect it to my cassette adaptor insted. (FM radio links sound like crap compared to a direct-wire or cassette solution--FM radio only has 15 kHz of bandwidth per channel.) It's got a dash mount option, so some kind of panel or bulkhead mount will work.
Enterprise Bridge

Thank God I'm not in school anymore

I pulled into the local high school this afternoon for a winter league baseball game. Passing the admin office in the front, I observed a boy, a campus security guard, and an assistant principal looking on as a plainclothes sheriff's deputy rifled through the trunk of a car. I hate seeing shit like that, but I hoped that there was good reason for this.

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