December 19th, 2002

Enterprise Bridge

What am I on?

The ringing phone woke me from another odd dream. It was summer, I'd moved into an upstairs classroom inside my high school. (They weren't holding summer school classes in that department.) One of my childhood friends, who is now a medical resident in Minneapolis, shows up unexpectedly, he's there to take the AP Spanish exam, which is being held in the pool, with most of the students sitting in the balcony bleachers, but many are in swim suits on the pool deck as if there's a swimming component to the test. As walk in (Fred's made me chase him across the building, instead of telling me why he's there,) the test proctor starts to give the test... speaking in French. I'm not taking the test, so I figure I should leave. I pass through a dormitory above the gym (which begs the question, why am I living inside a classroom?) housing kids for some pre-college program, all of whom have loud stereos with no "stop" or "pause" buttons. I know this because I keep trying to turn them off, without success. I run into a bunch of my classmates, some of whom weren't at the reunion last month, who are trying to organize some kind of gathering involving someone's band, but the invitations don't say where they're playing, and everyone I ask ignores the question.

Then my cell phone rings and I wake up. If there's meaning here, it's lost on me.
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