December 18th, 2002

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Fucking PacBell

I get a bogus UPS bill. I pick up the phone to call UPS to inquire, and the phone's dead. There's 48VDC across the line, but no dial tone. I call the house phone from the cell phone, I get a fast busy signal. No disconnection message, no vacation-disconnect message, no "being checked for trouble" message, just a fast busy. My bill is paid, so I smell a computer fuckup. I call PacBell, their automated service confirms yeah, there's a problem on the line, would you like to schedule an appointment? It's only $45 if it turns out to be your problem.

So I say fuckit, I'll go out and buy a test set and a 66 punch block tool and check out the demarc myself. That's $200 I figured I'd eventually spend, I just needed an excuse, which I now have. I get back from Home Depot and check the demarc, which requires contortion to get to.

It's a not a modern demarc--not the modular plug & jack junction designed for Joe Sixpack to plug a phone into, to make it real easy for him to determine if it's his problem he has to pay to fix, or if it's the LEC's problem. (More likely, so the LEC can tell him "We told you so" when he disputes the charge when their tech determines it's an inside problem.) It's a 66-terminal block. And it's behind a padlocked door. I don't feel like waiting around all day for the complex's maintenance droid to show up to unlock it for me, so I have to climb in via the (unlocked) cabinet door for the electric meters next to it. I clear the cobwebs and climb inside, and attach my test set. At which time, the phone works again, and I gotta change my pants 'cause everything in there was dirty.

Fucking PacBell.
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Enterprise Bridge


I was talking to the folks on Monday night (Mom's birthday,) and mentioned that I had learned the hard way that day that no store in Fashion Valley Mall sold Santa Claus hats. I'd intended to buy one to have the embroidered hat kiosk embroider a big green Poway "P" on the white furry brim, as something to wear for basketball games this week. Mom's suggestion was the drug stores (Rite-Aid/Sav-on as local substitutes/incarnations of Walgreens/Osco,) which I noted and wrote into plans for today.

They decided to be clever, buy one of the hats Tuesday and FedEx it to me. They sent it Standard Overnight. Which means it didn't get here today 'till long after I'd gotten up, stopped at Sav-On, bought a hat, driven to Fashion Valley, had it embroidered, come home, and left again for today's (5:30pm) game. I found the envelope when I got home at 9:00.

*sigh* So I've got a spare for when I eventually misplace this one.
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