November 7th, 2002

Enterprise Bridge

Yo motherfucker WEEEEEEEE!

I think he's a cousin of the rabbit in Holy Grail.

Silly story for today: Kid gets thrown out of high school. Why? He got a blowjob from a freshman (girl) on a school bus, so I hear. I also hear (and I have no idea how true this is, if at all) that she ratted him out, saying it was coerced, not because it was, but because word got around (the school bus apparently wasn't empty) and she wanted desperately to dispell the "slut" reputation she was getting.

Like I said, I don't know where the truth lies exactly. But if it's entirely true, it would neither surprise nor shock me. The story reminds me of another one that took place my sophomore year at Glenbrook North. Some freshman girl (and goddammit, i forget her name) took a junior from Deerfield to Turnabout. In the back of a limousine, in front of two other couples--WHO HAD CAMERAS--she blew her date. The story is all over school on Monday. The photos found their way to my friend Eric, who was the ringleader of an underground magazine. Since Eric has some sense of taste and decorum, he didn't print them, nor did he print the names. But he wrote a rather scathing, sarcastic editorial on dates and dances and propriety, and called the girl on the carpet for being so crass as to do something like that in front of an audience. "A picture says a thousand words, but how many synonyms do you need for 'slut'?"

I'm told this girl bailed out of her 1-4 class and ran to the Dean's office, crying a river along the way.

The moral for today: If you don't want to be called a slut, find someplace private to suck someone's dick. (This advice applies regardless of gender. Remember, I'm an equal-opportunity asshole.)
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