July 6th, 2002

Enterprise Bridge

New song to abuse

Before I get to that... I was just driving home from In N Out, the long way around town just to listen to the new abuse-song. I'm heading west on Twin Peaks, and I can see some asshole whipping up eastbound at well over the limit (45) weaving around traf fic. He passes a pickup truck, which suddenly pops on blue and red lights and breaks out after him. I didn't see any white paint, so I come about to have a look. The asshole doesn't stop right away, he winds up making the right onto Espola and s tops about a mile away. As I pass by, I see that sure enough, the pickup is not a marked sheriff's patrol vehicle (they do have one or two black-and-white pickups so they can cover all the dirt trails in town) even though it has internal lights an d exempt plates.

I hate people that drive that dangerously. Fucker probably had the traffic stop coming.

So anyways, last night Dan and I were up on a hill in Scripps Ranch to watch fireworks (you could see halfway to downtown.) He'd left his stere o going in his car, a track caught my attention, kinda techno-y but with Richard Patrick singing. It's Crystal Method's "Trip Like I Do" he says. I pick up their "Vegas" CD today. The song's on there, but there's no lyrics. It's still a good disc, but I'd made the wrong assumption that the Filter angle was off-the-shelf. It's not, it's a remix done for the Spawn soundtrack. So out I go to chase it down at Tower, the only unedited record store still open at 10pm, even if it's in La Jolla. I f ind it, get back in the car and listen to it from the start, and... oh, shit. We're talking the musical equivalent of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. What an aural orgasm. I'd love to hear more Filter-Crystal Method collaboration in the future. This song is on the level of my obsession with Rob D's "Clubbed To Death" off the Matrix soundtrack... set it on auto-repeat, crank up the volume, and step on the pedal. This will definitely go into the Rio (or an iPod playlist) for football season...

On a side note, Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" kicks much ass. It's energetic and irrepressably pleasant, both musically and lyrically. I was abusing it on the way to Tower.

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