June 25th, 2002

Enterprise Bridge

To borrow from one of Jay & Silent Bob's critics

Fuck George W. Bush. Fuck him up his stupid ass. That cocksmoking assclown spoke at Ohio State's commencement ceremony... where it was declared that anyone heckling him or demonstrating would be expelled from the ceremony and arrested. Several people simply turned and faced away from the dais as Shrub rose to speak, and were removed by Columbus police. According to accounts, they were generously offered the chance to walk away in exchange for the kind consideration of not being arrested.

I also read today that the proposal to establish the cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (which still sounds 1984-ish creepy) would explicitly exempt it from FOIA requirements and whistleblower protection.

Anyone who doubts that there is need to call out the elk is simply not paying attention.
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