June 12th, 2002

Enterprise Bridge

Yup, it's taken

I stopped by Comic Gallery today for the week's issues (Transmet 57, Age of Magic 12,) and walked into the midst of a discussion about asshole roommates. At one point, Sara burst out, "ihatemyroommate.com!" and how it could contain her life. One of the other customers suggested it's probably taken. Indeed, it is.

Have I ever mentioned that Kumar is 'leet as all fuck?
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Enterprise Bridge

Everybody gets this wrong

Or so it seems. If someone mentions a song called "Boom Boom Boom", I don't think of this, I think of this

Jeez, when it comes to bad pop culture, G3T IT R1TE OR D1E!!!1!!

(Before someone complains, John Lee Hooker qualifies as good culture, not even pop culture. Chrissakes, he performs in The Blues Brothers!)
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