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TiVo + Drugs == Good

If you've been reading Transmetropolitan like I've suggested, you're aware that the Mafia-made matter synthesizers (called "makers") are somewhat self-aware and like to manufacture drugs for themselves. Hopped up on innovative new toxins, they do very wacky shit. I think this has happened to my TiVo.

I thumbs-up'ed one of the Little League World Series games from last year that I finally got around to watching. I didn't bother thumbs-down'ing it back to neutral, because I didn't think it was any big deal. So it gets the idea to automatically record (as a "TiVo Suggestion") any program titled "Baseball". That in and of itself isn't extraordinary, but for two points:

1) The game it recorded was today's Cubs game off WGN. The TiVo has no way to know that I'm a) from Chicago, and b) a Cubs fan.

2) Of all the Cub games it records, today's had no special guest to sing the National Anthem. Thus, the job falls to Cubs PA announcer and soloist Wayne Messmer. I've been wanting a short (approaching one minute), simple (no vocal theatrics common amongst female divas), elegant, and respectful rendition of the Anthem for use before Poway HS baseball games. In short, I wanted Wayne Messmer.

It looks like it was a beautiful day at Wrigley today, too..

So, anthems I've tried:
Wayne Messmer, Houston at Cubs, July 22nd 2002: 1:30 Best I have
Lee Greenwood (the "God Bless the USA" guy) off a CD: 1:20 The players think it sounds like some freakish boys' choir. They've used terms like "child abuse" and "pedophile" to describe it.
Whitney Houston, MLB All-Star game several years ago: 2:17 Almost two and a half freaking minutes--after I cut out a bunch of orchestral warmup--and loaded with vocal dancing that serves no purpose but for Whitney to draw attention to what great vocal range Whitney has, won't you give her a cookie! *spit*
Jimi Hendrix, live at Woodstock: 3:46 Neatest instrumental on earth, but Jimi does some musical showing off like Whitney (except I don't think he's as vain) and it's wayyyy too long. I'll see if I can edit it down to something shorter and less flashy someday.y

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