Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


The "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"? Look, you're buried so deep in Orange County nobody will buy that. Go back to "California Angels" if you like, but this essay-length name is ridiculous.

Laura Bush Is Fucking Metal. (For the uncultured amongst you, a reference.

I didn't run into Londo or Ivanova, but my flight to San Diego came by way of B5:

I've driven I-15 between California and Nevada many times, beginning with my move out here in June of '96. There's a stretch of desert between the state line and the first set of hills in CA that's very, very flat. I've never before seen it flooded. The maps actually list it as a dry lake bed.

Photos from Weiss & Joe's New Year's party are finally up, as are this year's Christmas trip home in general I have Ronnee's wedding pictures named, but I need to work out a couple of details with her before I post them.

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