Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Merry Christmas, y'all

It's still in single digits here, but at least I've recovered from that cold. Ronnee and Matt are on their way over, picking up grandma on the way.

Got out to BT on Tuesday, the crowd is small enough to sit at a single table. C'est la vie. Did poker night at Mark & Leah's on Thursday, my first time actually playing in a money game, and came in third in the first game. Second game I played a bit too aggressively (stupidly?) and was out pretty quick. Roamed around the area on Wednesday, discovering that Zion isn't much to look at. The old nuclear plant is naturally still there, a huge site surrounded by nothing and the lake. Saw that Green Bay Rd., a two-lane thoroughfare through Lake County, fattens up to 6 lanes as soon as you cross the Wisconsin border. A couple of miles north is the Jelly Belly plant. I was trying to find the source of the huge steam plume, which turned out to be a coal-fired power plant in Pleasant Prairie.

Really, there isn't much around here. Barely even parks and such. Ten minutes to anything, including the nearest gas station. But I suspect this will changed rapidly.

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