Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Baaaad things, man...

Basketball finally lost last night, by about 25 points to Francis Parker. I don't think it helped that two of our players got into an altercation on the bus ride up and had to be separated. There was a lot of friendly-fire verbal abuse during the game, it was not at all pretty. After the bus fight, I looked at one of our subs and asked, "Is this a sign? Is this finally the game we lose?" Yup.

I'm fighting off whatever cold or flu bug is going around. It was mild yesterday, and noticeably worse today. I'm praying I'm better tomorrow, 'cause flying with a half-congested head isn't fun. We're hosting a JV tournament at home today, Monday, and Tuesday. After waking up with a headache around 4:30, I surprisingly fell back to sleep and dreamt that I got up, drove to school in a golf cart (in rather drunken fashion,) was utterly ineffective in chasing somebody's dog out of our gym, and then climbed a ladder to shoot a photo of somebody's house, bringing my iBook with, which slipped out of my hands when I sneezed, and landed on a big plushy piece of furniture. I thought I was okay, but when I got down and looked at it, it was still functional, but one of the hinges was broken and there was Magic Smoke™ coming out of it.

I was very happy to wake up at that point. I'll be bouncing back and forth between the JV tournament and home, taking care of laundry and packing. We leave for the third place game in the Irvine tournament about 3pm. No bus today, we get to drive. Joy.

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