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So Sprint and Nextel are merging. This actually makes a lot of sense. I missed it, but the article says last month Nextel agreed to move out of its current radio spectrum (in the 900 MHz ESMR band,) citing interference concerns with emergency services. That's completely bogus--there's no reason its equipment should interfere. However, it's probably not as large a piece of spectrum as if they bought a PCS block. Nextel's growth is surely causing them capacity headaches. Never mind, I have it on good authority they've been planning a move to IS-2000 CDMA for over a year, and the new chipsets everybody's planning require no IF (intermediate frequency) stage--the chips output an 800 or 1900 MHz signal directly. Perhaps 900 MHz chipsets would be produced for some oddball markets, but I'm sure you'd never see volumes to achieve as low a price as you would in 1900 MHz chipsets. I expect to see Sprint Nextel offering dual-mode phones that do all circuit-switched voice calls on Sprint's existing network, and push-to-talk migrated over time from Nextel's legacy network to an application-layer PTT solution on Sprint's network. (Sprint has already begun deploying this--they call it "Ready Link".)

Last year, I ordered a personalized pen set from an offer in my MasterCard bill. It was cheap, and I thought it cool to have a pen that said "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US". This year, I got a letter offering me the same package, for the low-low price of $24. Not. I declined that, they sent it anyways... and charged me. I called them, they didn't argue about crediting me back. It's nice when you don't have to fight with people.

My trusty Canon PowerShot S400 started exhibiting the Memory Card Error defect over the summer. It was occasional at first, becoming more frequent over time, 'till the camera was pretty much unusable. I called Canon, they told me to send it into factory repair in Elk Grove Village. I got the repair estimate back this week... $155 to repair it, or instead, they'd sell me a refurb S410 for $175. The S410 does not have this flaw. I'm going with that option. Even better, they had no problem shipping to the folks' house in Wadsworth. I'll have it Monday.

Basketball won a close game with Escondido yesterday. They needed one they had to work for, lest their 7-0 record go to their heads. I'm still concerned... our starters are doing all the work, we're getting nothing from our bench. Sooner or later, we're going to see an opponent that will fail against. Two more games in Irvine, Friday and Saturday, before I leave. Hopefully the movie selection on the bus will be better than last night--Rush Hour 2 (I wasn't in the mood for Chris Tucker) and Ace Ventura 2 (the Union-Tribune sportswriter told me whatever was in the background sounded terrible... I told her at least she couldn't see it. Said sportswriter also referred to the tournament as the "Irvine Weekly World News Tourney". Sadly, there were no alien abductions at halftime.)

Christmas presents seem to be settling out... I'm not racing, but it is winding up last-minute.

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