Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


The second of the two new shot clocks (the one under the scoreboard at left, on the PHS gym's north wall) finally showed up on Thursday. Its inspection slip indicated it was packed on Tuesday, three weeks after the rest of the order arrived. Finally, I can stop dragging out the old clocks for home games.

The shot clocks seem to glow brighter than the scoreboards because they are brighter. The scoreboards are 10 years old, and still use 28VAC incandescent lightbulbs. The shot clocks use red LEDs, which focus their light much more tightly.

This morning, I moved my 802.11b access point from the equipment room to the stereo cabinet in the gym. The gym walls have too much steel rebar in them, not to mention the lockers in the rooms in between, so the AP was previously unusable in the gym. Mouser sells the reverse-polarity TNC connectors Linksys uses, which I used to bring the antenna connections to the outside of the cabinet. It's nice to have connectivity from the scorer's table. (There's a round junior high travel team basketball games going on now, which I'm half-supervising.)

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