Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Another airhead cheerleader born...

Last night I stepped out of the gym during the Murietta Valley-Fallbrook game to move my car. Just as I was about to start the engine, a minivan pulls up behind me (also on the sidewalk) and stops. So I get out to make sure I still had clearance to get out, and politely ask the woman that gets out of the minivan (skate-shoe equipped sprog in tow) what she's there for. She's dropping something off. People or equipment?

"Oh, just this."
She's holding a small cheerleading outfit.

Now, I'm generally against people parking on the sidewalks, for what did they build this big asphalt parking lot for? Unless you're working inside or dropping off large objects in the gym (as I had been--the old shot clocks are big and clunky) there's no reason not to park properly and walk to wherever you're going. I'm wondering what her deal is, when she asks if this is the gym. Large blocky building on a high school campus, the sound of a bouncing ball heard through its walls, and you gotta ask? Yes, it is. Oh, her daughter's inside. For cheerleading? I think not. No, I won't let her in the doors behind me--she can use the south doors like everybody else. (People are always trying to get into games without paying.)

"Oh, how do I get there?"
I refrained from giving her roundabout directions through Rancho Penasquitos, and made the obvious suggestion of walking around the building. No, she wants to drive. She'll pull up as close as she can. Ummm... no. Then she'd leave her van there. How long was she going to be there? Longer than five minutes? Oh, she hopes not. Yeah, I hope not too.

At the time, the lot wasn't full, but it was pretty busy around that side of the gym--in addition to the two basketball games scheduled, girls soccer had a scrimmage going on across the driveway. It was quite clear that this was an incredibly fucking lazy woman who felt entitled to park wherever the fuck she pleased to maximize her convenience.

That's not what kills me. I expect this kind of behavior in the wealthy, privileged community I live in. No, what kills me is this woman's tone wasn't arrogant or vindictive at all. It was vacuous and innocent. Gee, of course she can just drive up to buildings! She's just so obviously entitled to her convenience!

To be fair, I've run across several clued, capable girls on the cheerleading squad. But there's plenty of ditzy princesses too, and now I see why their kind hasn't faded out.

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