Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Not much productivity yesterday... I had to run down to Murphy Canyon to meet Kyle to ferry up the frosh practice jerseys, which I handed out with their uniforms. I still haven't cut the plate to hold the scoreboard controller jacks in the floor, so I had to last-minute jury rig a cable hardwired in place so the frosh and JV could run their scrimmage. This was the first time I lit the north scoreboard since my cabling misadventures this weekend, and it worked, much to my relief. I finished running the ethernet line to the gym PA cabinet from the switch in the equipment room. The parts are on order to mount my Linksys AP inside that cabinet, so Omar and I will finally have a connection during games. I've even devised a method to protect the antennas against theft.

I get to deal out varsity uniforms tonight. I'm setting the height-and-weight scale the PE department owns right next to the equipment room window. Nobody gets to lie. Because they all will.

I dreamt that I was dreaming something this morning... but already, I've lost what it is. I just know it was after my alarm went off, since I remember DSC doing their "I Hate..." segment in the midst of it. This was after I was woken up at 5:00 by the furnace going on, with its accompanying stink of the first time the furnace is used in a season. The fan has gotten really noisy lately... I need to take a look at it soon, before it really does get cold at night.

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