Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


So I was finally home on Halloween. Usually, I find some excuse to not-be here (or there was last year, when the ash-contaminated air caused parents to keep their kids indoors,) so I've never had to hand out candy before. I think I only got a couple of teenage kids, I'm fairly impressed. Most of the costumes were nice, but nothing that stood out as inventive or unusual. A couple of friends in Seattle got one guy with a mailbox on his head, and apparently someone dressed as a Florida voting machine? Folks in Poway just ain't that inventive. At least not in my neighborhood.

At the last minute, I tried to wire b5 into the doorbell button, thinking it entirely appropriate to have it blast the doorbell from Lionel Twain's house in Murder By Death through the stereo, with one speaker stuck in the computer room window (directly above the front door.) Someone once suggested I could wire between CTS and RTS (or DTR and DSR) of a spare serial port, that the open() call would block until a connection was made. After an evening of fucking with it (in between trips downstairs to answer the actual doorbell) I discovered two things: First, it's DCD that open() will block on (and only if you have -clocal set on the port;) two, after the line goes high, it must actually go low before a high will be recognized again. A simple contact closure won't cut it. It's either a double-throw pushbutton, or a SPDT relay controlled by the doorbell pushbutton.

But that's another project that really needs to wait... I still haven't finished the football stats package, nor put all the functional-but-surplus crap in the house up on eBay yet...

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