Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Productive, but not...

I've started to get a little down lately, because I haven't felt very productive. I turned that around today, but as usual, not in the way I should have. It's kinda screwy... as something on my task list nears top priority, I'm driven to start working on things below it. I really need to finish my football stats package, so instead I got a bunch of hardware prep done for basketball.

Well, part of that may be, I'm preparing for something that's coming up, so I don't want to fall behind on that. The new shot clocks for the gym are on order, along with the new controller. I'll be pulling new signal wire, replacing the old, inappropriate double-coax runs with single runs of shielded 2-twisted pair cable. Instead of terminating the cable directly into the equipment, as is currently done, I'm putting junction boxes on the ends of the surface conduit with 1/4" stereo jacks. I understand the existing cable... the old shot clocks are Nevcos, as I assume the previous scoreboards were. Nevco uses 50-ohm coax (properly, RG-58 instead of the 75-ohm RG-59, they probably didn't know the difference) terminated in BNCs for their control signals. When the main scoreboards were replaced with Daktronics hardware, they just spliced ends of STP stereo cable onto the exposed coax ends. It works, so they don't mess with it. (Okay, they terminated with F connectors, using F-to-BNC adapters to connect the shot clocks. *rolls eyes*)

I worked too hard to get this hardware upgrade, so I'll take advantage of the chance to wire it right. I actually need only one pair--Daktronics changed their control protocol (hence the extra $1600 to replace the driver boards in the scoreboards,) so the shot clocks sit on the same pair as the main boards. The cost difference between single- and double-pair cable is pretty small, and the labor to pull them is exactly the same. What the hell, I figure, I'll have a second pair available for future expansion.

The wallplates are all drilled, marked, and six of the eight have their jacks installed. The closed-circuit jacks I want for two panels won't be here 'till next week, but I don't have to have those right away anyways. The patch cables for connecting the boards are assembled--with right-angle stereo plugs, so errant volleyballs won't break them off. I also assembled the parts for a remote horn switch. I hate having to reach across somebody to blow a horn to flag the floor officials' attention, and I don't like disturbing the board/clock operator if he's busy hashing something out. (Yeah, there's the occasional stubborn op who has the wrong idea of how game operations work, too.) The new controller puts a horn button on the remote clock control switch, so I'm patching into that.

Someone agreed to donate a TV and a new camcorder to the basketball program. Kyle wants to tape practices for teaching purposes... I'm okay using my camera for games, but I'm reticent to use it for practices I don't attend. So that's one less thing for me to forget. This should be a much easier basketball season, from an operations perspective at least.

I popped out for the frosh football game today, their last one at home. They up and whacked Westview 50-7. The officiating was horrible. That's still inexcusable. Tomorrow the JV and varsity are over there. It rained again yesterday, and might rain some more, but Westview (being 3 years old) was the first of us to get a FieldTurf football stadium, so we won't have any problems. I have an umbrella, after all...

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