Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

You Bastards!

Yes, as in "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"

I can't buy that Leo is anything but dead after this episode. No, sorry, you don't get to have a heart attack and lie out in the woods all night and half the morning, and live. Not even to lie in bed drooling on yourself for another 10 years. So if Leo still has a pulse next week, it's a crock.

Well, not that Leo should be there in the first place. You're telling me the Secret Service doesn't have Camp David under tight enough surveillance they would've seen him go down? The President's chief of staff? His most trusted advisor?

Oh wait, let's pop that off the stack, too. Leo, left almost entirely out of five days' negotiation over one of the most significant global issues of the last century? I don't buy it. We've seen Jed and Leo disagree before. Leo's always been a team guy, and he's always sucked it up and backed his guy, at least to be there to counsel dissent. And this changes overnight? No. These guys have too much history together to hang it up like this. Jed just shouts at Leo? No convincing? No discussing?

They had some kind of industry press conference call, SOP for network shows. CJ's gonna get kicked up to COS, Carol does not get promoted into her job, Josh and Donna will both leave, Leo's either dead or out of the White House, Nancy McNally and Fitz are both gone. Will's been in an unbelievable position since early last year. This reeks of the kind of cast turnover we saw on E.R.. "The Season of Change", NBC's been calling it in their ads. Try, the Season that John Wells Asserts Himself And Gives Up The Pretense of Carrying On The Show That Was Created. I don't like where I see this going. I'll probably watch the rest of the season. I don't know if I will watch next year. If there is a next year, and Martin Sheen doesn't return, I guarantee I'm done. I'm not at all interested in Presidents Smits, Alda, or Gideon Lumbergh Bingo Bob.

E.R. got too fucking unbelievable, two years ago. I don't understand why I watched it as long as I did. I can't imagine watching it now, barely a shadow of its original self. And that's where I see West Wing headed. It just fucking kills me...

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