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I say I don't you know...

...you say you don't know, I say... take me out!

Boston PD is unhappy with its death toll following the Red Sox winning the AL pennant last week. Killing only one college student wasn't enough, so they're now promising "Once they start acting up, we're going to go in and take them out."

Seriously, what a bunch of clueless fucking assholes. The BPD source continues:
"Everyone seems to forget that there was no game at Fenway Park that night,'' said the source, adding that anyone who went to a place where trouble was brewing took a risk. "What don't these college kids know about being told to disperse?''
What don't you get about people's need to celebrate? It is eminently logical that fans will gather at places where they share commonality, particularly with their team. The home stadium is a logical place. If, for some reason, Fenway Park is a bad place to gather, then the City of Boston should arrange for another suitable location and encourage people to gather there.

When the Cubs won the first round of the NL playoffs last year, they did it in Atlanta. The Chicago Police simply closed Clark and Addison Streets within a couple blocks of Wrigley during the game, and put foot and horseback patrols out to keep the crowd in order. And it worked. The crowd was loud and happy, but there were no problems. A couple of arrests (go figure, people do do stupid things when they're drunk) but by and large, a peaceful crowd. Boston would do well to learn from that example.

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