Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Back again...

Once or twice before, I've dreamt that I had an apartment in Champaign (or Urbana) that I never moved out of. I find myself walking through the neighborhood, I remember I'm nearby, and I run over to check the place out. I still have keys, my stuff is still there. The last time, I believed I was still paying rent on it. Jeez, I oughtta move my stuff out so I can stop doing that!

I just dreamt of the place again. My keys still worked. There was a note on the door asking, "WHERE ARE YOU?" with phone numbers to call. My stuff was now all stored neatly on shelves at the end of a hallway inside the apartment, which I believed I was no longer paying rent on (and hadn't for some time,) though there was a summary of back rent I owed lying on the dining room table. The apartment had been reoccupied by two guys who entered and left through the sliding glass patio door, which stayed unlocked all the time. They couldn't change the locks 'cause I still had keys and stuff inside the apartment. Their stuff was protected by a bunch of motion sensor alarms that the landlord had to buy for them.

And, of course, it had started raining outside.

I wonder if this is a subconscious manifestation of my sense that there's lots of things I haven't done. None of it particularly pressing, but things I meant to do a long time ago that I've never gotten around to because I've never made the time for it, or if I've tried, they've gotten pushed aside by more time-sensitive issues. Every so often, it's a sense I get overwhelmed with.

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