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No One Beats the Smut King

"...and in a country whose revolutionary agenda is defined by free speech, the people's ability to ask informed questions should be enshrined by a President, not vilified. [...] Truth should be told."

-- Warren Ellis (character Robert McX, Transmetropolitan issue 58) 17 Jul 2002

Talk about art imitating life. The book has the sitting President obliterating individual rights and due process for his own selfish needs. Even going so far as to kill his own people if it would benefit him. He's very much a combination of the worst allegations about both our current sleazebag and his charismatic predecessor. (I don't know if Warren did that purposely or not.)

But that quote and its spirit are just as relevant in reality as they are in the fictional story wrapping up in Transmet over the next two months. Given Spider Jerusalem's more-than-passing resemblance (not just physically) to a real gonzo figure, it begs the question:

Just where the fuck is Hunter S. Thompson?

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