Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Good day, eh?

Sunday was pretty much all baseball. My team had a doubleheader, one game at 9, the next at 1:30, way down in south bumblefuck Chula Vista. We came from behind to win the first, and led the whole way in a 19-4 blowout in the second. I got dicked over twice in the second game... the field umpire called me out at first after the pitcher booted the ground ball I'd hit him twice. I clearly heard the ball hit the first baseman's glove after I stepped on the bag. The call's wrong, but it's not an uncommon blown call, so I could live with it. Two at-bats later (following a walk) I put another infield ground ball down, right back at the first baseman. With the bases loaded, he doesn't want to go back to the bag, he wants to tag me en route so he can get a throw off to catch the guy trying to score. He commits his body too early on the tag attempt, allowing me to easily evade him to the side. I'm called out. And then so is the scoring runner, when no tag attempt was made on him. Yes, the field umpire declares. I was tagged out, and the runner from third was then forced at home.

Wait a second. If I'm out, then there's no force at home. And by the way, I wasn't out. The tag missed by a foot--I watched the glove swing past. I find out later, this umpire spent the rest of the game bitching about me. God only knows why, I'd done nothing to piss him off, either in the second game, or in the first game when he was working the plate. Verdict: Born asshole.

The kids played at 6, Nate and I managed not to miss their 4:50 warm-up time by much. They played exceedingly well. Not perfect, but their defense was more solid than it's been in a long while, and they hit the ball well. Predictably, our starting pitcher had a so-so outing. He walked... five of the nine batters he faced, but didn't throw anything wild. This is pretty good for the first game he's ever pitched from a 60' 6" mound. While he was a little annoyed by the performance, he wasn't beating himself up, as he often has in the past. That's a positive end result in my book. Like our other pitchers, he'll make the adjustment and be back in form at the new distance soon enough.

I had enough energy after three games to grab a shower and drag myself out to Olive Garden. I needed a minestrone soup fix. In bed by 10, after that...

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