Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


I am now reminded how tedious it is to manually total football statistics. I really need to finish the software I'm writing to do this automatically. Even something that parses the play-by-play file after the game will be a big step forward, let alone the final form that will calculate things live. This is why last year's JV stats never got totaled--I meant to write this last year, and the JVs were low-priority enough I figured they could slide 'till I was done. Which never happened.

Went to the range today, which I really don't do often enough. I'm shooting well at 7 yards, and not too badly at 10 yards. After three to six mags, I end up with a nice hole in the orange chest target, with about one-sixth of my shots hitting outside that, but still on the white torso region. I don't get such a nice group in the head (it looks like Swiss cheese,) and I seem to miss it one-sixth of the time too. I'm more displeased with that... a missed center-of-mass shot is still hitting the target, and less likely to pass through and hit something I don't want to hit. A missed head shot is definitely gonna hit something I don't intend to.

(Naturally, that kind of practice is for hypothetical situations I hope I never find myself in. But God forbid I ever do, it's practical practice.)

No substantial difference between shooting .40 out of the 27 or 9mm out of the 17. Each weapon is comfortable in its own way to hold. The 1994 federal assault weapon-slash-full capacity magazine ban expires on Monday. This means nothing to me, of course, as the PRC law banning the same items has no sunset. If you read Arianna Huffington, please don't get too excited. She doesn't understand that it won't be any easier for you to buy an Uzi on Monday than it is today. You'll just be able to buy it with a 30-round magazine again.

It's now hot enough here overnight that it's noticeably cooler when the air conditioning kicks back on. There's still enough ambient heat to warm the house. This will pass in a week or two, then it's back to running the whole-house fan with the windows open.

I discovered today that there is a console video game based on The Shield due out early next year. I wonder how that works... Mackey's head gets less and less shiny the more hit points you lose?

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