Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Jesus Loves Dick

And here's why, from Rolling Stone. I should note some reservations... I take exception to the kind of misleading rhetoric we get out of the Bush camp, such as the flip-flop complaint against Kerry for his votes on the $87 million Iraq war funding bill. Yes, he voted for it, then against it. He voted for it when the bill would have rolled back the tax cut for the rich in order to pay for it, but against it when the tax rollback was removed and the cost was added to the ever-ballooning federal deficit. So I gotta call out TD Allman for doing more of the same. He tosses out a few votes Cheney cast as Wyoming's congressman. It's no surprise he casts a bunch of corporate stooge votes, against environmental bills and for energy company tax breaks. I'd like to know what VA funding he voted against--maybe it was general, maybe it wasn't and it was something particular that should've been killed. Opposing an extension of the Civil Rights Act is, if not outright racism, then pandering to racists. That's enabling behavior that ought to be condemned too. Opposing the release of Nelson Mandela... I'm told that was a nonbinding resolution (symbolic but an important expression of where we stood as a country) that also included recognizing the African National Congress and calling for direct talks with South Africa's oppressed black majority. Cheney believed the ANC to be terrorists--something I've heard before, and to be honest, I was never sure if there wasn't a small terrorist element operating under their wings. He did oppose sanctions against South Africa, which is certainly another corporate stooge position.

The closing statement just kills me, though: "He even voted for cop-killer bullets." That's a crock, right on its face. What Cheney voted against was a bill targeted at teflon-coated bullets such as those made by KTW. Unfortunately, KTW ammunition was not capable of penetrating bulletproof vests--nor was it designed to--it was meant for car windshield glass and doors. The bill was a broad ban on any ammunition capable of penetrating police body armor. This includes nearly all conventional rifle ammunition, which due to their high velocity, will penetrate most such armor. It was a bad bill as originally written.

(I like "Lethal Weapon 3" a lot, but its "cop-killer bullets" are as real as the X-ray-transparent "porcelain Glock 7" pistols of "Die Hard 2".)

I've come to expect the current ruling crowd within the Republican Party to continuously lie and spread hatred. No good purpose is served by adopting the same tactics to fight them. If you're going to attack a candidate's voting record, you need to distinguish votes on the issue from votes on construction.

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