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Worst MMORPG Ever!

When did video game stores become like comic book stores? Okay, when I worked at Babbage's in high school, we had our preferences and prejudices about platforms and individual games and customers, but we were professional enough to keep them mostly to ourselves. We certainly didn't snort at customers when they asked us about a game we didn't like.

And then I poked my head into the Electronics Boutique in North County Fair this afternoon. I was operating under the mistaken assumption that they and Babbage's were now owned by the same critters. (Turns out I'm wrong, that's Software, Etc that now shares a parent with Babbage's.) After being snorted at, I found I'm still stuck with a bad CD 2 in the EverCrack Trilogy set Kumar bought me for Christmas.

So I'm probably stuck looking for a warezed ISO of that CD. Software piracy has its legitimate uses...

On a more upbeat note, I notice the PC game industry has adopted a new standard retail box. It's about half the volume as the ones they've been using for years, and long overdue. I'm sure there's a lot of stores that are much happier as a result, they'll get much better use of shelf space.

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