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Missions Accomplished

I finally installed the big shelf across the top of the computer room closet. Now, I can store MORE crap in that closet, and less of it on the floor. This enabled me to shuffle around some of the hardware, and made room for me to set up the receipt printer I picked up on eBay a couple of years ago. I bought it to aid quick-printing lists, thinking I'd start keeping things like new comics, groceries, DVDs, and such on my Pilot, and need a way to dump them to easily-pocketable slips of paper. (Yeah, kind of defeats the purpose of the Pilot. Strangely, I work this way.)

You test network servers with Telnet. You test character devices with 'yow'.

I also got the log printer set up (an old HP ThinkJet,) enclosed all the cables running from the closet to the desk in a big piece of plastic cable tray from Fry's, and vacuumed the whole room, which my sinuses will appreciate. I think this will be the end of the house and hardware work for a while. I promised myself that August would be the month I write the software I need for football season.


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