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Comic Con, Day 2

Courtesy of someone commenting on mistersleepless's latest entry: foundphotos

There were only two panels I was interested in today. The DC/Vertigo lookahead, and the Cartoon Network panel.

DC/Vertigo highlights: Brian Azarello has an interesting new title, I think it's called Lovelost. It's a spaghetti Wester/love/political/violence story. "A lot of violence. A HELL of a lot of violence!", it has, so says Brian. 100 Bullets is back to monthly status, apparently Brian's finished his run on Batman. He renewed his exclusive contract with DC for another three years.

The Constantine movie is based on Garth Ennis's "Dangerous Habits" storyline, there will be an adaptation out when the film is. I give the DC editor moderating the panel a little credit. She tried to sell the movie to us. We just sat there in contemptous silence. She had to try, Time-Warner signs her paychecks. Sorry, you can't be "faithful" to the story when you change its main character from a sleazebag Londoner into an LA surfer. Sorry. Mike Carey is doing a Hellblazer graphic novel, "All His Engines", set in LA but not tied to the film, also due out near film release time. She said it was set in LA to be accessible to new readers introduced to Hellblazer by the film. Okay, I guess.

Colleen Doran spoke about Stealth Tribes, saying this for working with Warren Ellis: "If you decide to use yourself as a model for a character, read the ending first. You'll end up drawing yourself doing some weird shit."

There's a 9-issue miniseries due out adapting Neil Gaiman's book, Neverwhere. Mike Carey writing, Glen Fabry drawing, Neil consulting.

From Cartoon Network: August 13th, 7:30pm debuts Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the new series from Craig McCracken. It is to be animated in the United States, instead of being shipped to Korea.

Judd Winick has a series too, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. He discribes it as "Buffy meets the Simpsons". It's about an 11 year old girl who fights monsters. "She's like Avril Lavigne without all the Canadian angst", says Judd. He also says, "Nothing cracks us up more than a big monster named Jeff." This looks good. But of course. I'll fucking look at anything associated with Judd.

The final four "Samurai Jack"s will air September 25th, along with 20 existing "Star Wars: Clone Wars" eps.

There is nothing in the pipeline for Powerpuff Girls past the just-completed-production season 6. Maybe some specials or TV movies or direct-to-video might happen in the future, but there's no talk. Everybody's involved in other projects.

I walked the floor a lot today. Picked up all the Hellblazer trades I could lay hands on, written by Ellis or Ennis. (I'll look at Azzarello's run if I'm happy with that.) I also got the first four volumes of Goats, and a "Republicans for Voldemort" T-shirt. Fantagraphics had the Zippy Annual 2003, they say the 2004 annual will be out in October/November, that's the plan from here on out.

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