Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Today is *what*?

Oh. Today was Wednesday. I didn't notice that 'till I talked to Pat around 9:00. I thought it was Tuesday. So I missed the kids' baseball practice. *grumble*

I started the day off right. *rolls eyes* I pissed off Stuart Immonen. It wasn't my intention. I would've simply asked why he was upset with someone putting up a torrent of a collection of strips he'd posted to his LJ. But the comment I followed up struck a peevish enough note I was more smart alecky in my response than I should've been. Honestly, I recall reading that the traffic spike the strips caused cost him money. My first reaction on learning someone had put the stuff up on Bit Torrent was, "Great, people can pull them all down without hitting Stuart in the wallet!" That's not how he sees it, and I'll take him at his word there. It's his call, not mine.

What I did take exception to was Stuart labeling all peer-to-peer usage as evil theft:
"Filesharing is evil. Peer-to-peer is a euphemism for theft. Bit Torrent is a way for people who've never created anything or done anything to make friends and influence suckers."

Sorry, that's bullshit.

That said, Fifty Reasons To Stop Doing Sketches strips are a riot, and should be required reading for anyone attending Comic Con this weekend. Then go browse his web site, and then go find the current run of "Ultimate Fantastic Four". He's doing great work with the scripts Warren Ellis is feeding him.

I got the old basketball possession arrow nail-filled and sanded, and the first coat of paint on it. It'll need at least a second coat, which I'll try to put on tomorrow morning before I leave for Comic Con. I also moved the switch from the top to a blank electrical plate I'll mount on the back, which I stuck a couple of indicator lights on for the benefit of the operator. On the off-chance someone busts the arrow that came with the scorers' table, we'll have a fully functional backup that looks decent.

My new keyboard showed up today. I've been using a rubber dome keyboard for so long, it's kinda funny to hear the old clicking keyswitches again. But it's nice, keystrokes feel crisp, not mushy like with the cheaper, newer keyboards.

Looks like I'm going to have to tear apart the ceiling fan in the living room... the wiring inside started burning up this evening. Fortunately, it just started smoldering, and didn't actually HCF on me. Spraying it with an upside-down can of canned air seemed to cool it down enough. It's a good thing I don't leave that fan on overnight.

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