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Cub fans vs. Sox fans

Says Jim Belushi: "Cub fans are delusional. Sox fans are cynical, angry and bitter."

What's sad is, that really does typify the attitudes I see most commonly from each camp. There's exceptions to every rule, but by and large, most of what I hear from fellow Cub fans is how this year is the year (said every year,) and most of what I hear from Sox fans is bitching and moaning, mostly about Cub fans.

Key word, kids: most.

The cables are no longer hanging naked down the walls from my LED signs. Wiremold makes a nice little cable channel just big enough for the power and data leads. Tomorrow, I'll see about refinishing and rewiring the old possession arrow from the gym (it's always good to have a backup!) I've caught up on this season of "The Sopranos", and it was good. (Though "The Test Dream", basically a long Tony dream, was pretty Fucked Up.)

And Comic Con is coming up Thursday. (The "Nerd Prom", as Big Ethel likes to call it.) So this weekend is totally shot for anything else, of course.

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