Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


I got woken up this morning by the phone ringing. She had just heard that a girl that graduated with her son, who had been at the same Cal Poly party two years ago where her son died, was killed last night in Oregon. Nobody has any details yet--we think it happened overnight, as there's nothing in the papers. Well THAT sucks...

I got a few things Done yesterday... the computer room floor is finally clean, the bills are paid, and I got the new webcam running on b5 late last night. I already want to tweak the software. Part of those tweaks are to issue X10 commands to light an "ON AIR" sign, to keep me from doing silly things like, say, walking in front of the camera in my underwear. (Nobody needs to see that.) The cheapest of real commercial on-air signs are fucking $109. (These are the exact signs we used on the WGBK-nee-WMWA studios at Glenbrook North.) I think I can build something out of wood and red LEDs for substantially cheaper.

The simple grab-stills-and-post-them-on-a-webserver software is camE, but I found a live MPEG4 RTSP video streamer called Spook which does a nice job too.

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