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I wound up not doing much interesting. I felt too drained to look up friends for the evening, which proved right as I crashed about 11. I zoned out twice trying to watch the end of "Crossing Jordan" and had to rewind to catch it all.

As I did last year, I parked on Summer Sage, 'bladed up to the high school and let myself onto the campus to watched the fireworks from the upper quad. The winds were pretty still, so the second half of the show went off inside the smoke cloud from the first half. It's a neat effect, but the result is pretty muted. I don't care to pay the City $2 to get into my own football stadium for attractions I don't have an interest in. I'm also rather put off by all the maudlin blind patriotism endemic to this town. (I wore my EFF fair use T-shirt. Nobody noticed.) People here think it's great that the show ends with Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" every year. Clowns. The soundtrack this year also included the radio tape from the Columbia destruction. I found that déclassé, bordering on tasteless. This is just what I heard checking every once in a while... my iPod playing my West Wing and Rob Dougan playlists made for a much better soundtrack.

Skating around the campus reminds me how much I miss doing that at UIUC...

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