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It's not fluoride in the water...

It's crack, in Thailand. The Thai are all up in arms over an ad in a Philadelphia newspaper that displays a stylishly Photoshopped image of the Thai monarch. Their consulate is threatening to cut ties and trade unless the paper stops running the ad and apologize. Somehow, they think nobody is allowed to make jokes involving their king. Sure, it works in their country, under their laws. But in this country, only sports legends and movie stars are revered as gods, and even still, we're entitled to make fun of them. Nothing's sacred here. I'm Catholic, and even I laugh at pedophile priest jokes. >:-)

Here's the ad. If the Thai community feels like picketing outside my house, I can't stop them. Hopefully, they will enjoy the hospitality of the San Diego County Sheriff's department when I request their arrest for trespassing and disturbing the peace. :-)

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