Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Fucking Klaproth II

I can understand this being deleted for its low (-1) reputation. What I didn't understand was the stick up the voter's asses for downvoting it in the first place. My node onthe Last Day of School...

The Last Day of School (thing)
rep: -1

It's always a bittersweet day.

It's great... school has always been hell, in one form or another. The workload, the deadlines, the standardized tests, the idiots, my social life (or lack of one, depending on the year,) the emotional sponging. It's all done, it's all past. I'm moving onto something new. Day camp... afternoons at the public pool... junior high... late nights BBSing... watching David Letterman live instead of on tape... high school... the next grade... the summer job... baseball... getting my license... graduation... college... living away from home... turning 21 in a month... graduation again and a "real job"... moving across the country... and the fond memories of things past. And I survived another year!

But it's sad... some of the gains I've made, I know will be forgotten come fall. No more recess at the next level. Friends transfer, or move to the other side of the world. Familiar places left behind. Being welcome, but not really belonging anymore in those places. Never again working basketball or baseball as a peer of the players. Having lost all my chances to do the things people enjoy at the time. More responsibility. No more late nights rollerblading, playing tag on the Quad. No more late-night hacking in the DCL basement. Or steam tunneling. More friends scattering to the four corners of the globe.

In the series finale of Babylon 5, as Sheridan visits the station for the last time, is like the last day of school. The music from that episode reminds me of all those last days.

Hope and angst, all in one neat package.


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