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Fucking Klaproth

I haven't signed into everything for a while. I did today, and checking my messages, I discovered my node for "geek frat boys" was deleted. What the fuck? That was my highest-rep'ed node, one which was C!hinged. No explanation given. Fucking cocksmokers. I reproduce it here for posterity. The friend discussed is Joe Gross...

geek frat boys (person)
rep: 12

I was (am) a geek, but was not in a fraternity at Illinois. But one of my fellow geek friends was. He used to tell tales from before his recovery ("I was stupid when I was young...")

Illinois is one of those places that let freshmen live in houses they plan to rush, right from the get-go. So all the new prey are living under the same roof as their predators, behind doors whose keys are shared by the wolves....

Until my friend disassembled the cylinder of his door's lock, filed1 down a couple of pins, and filled his and his roomate's keys with solder to match. The next attempt at a late-night surprise pledge hazing session struck out as the actives' keys just rattled the door.

The building was a former dormitory, so the rooms were arranged in hallways as one would expect. So it wasn't any trouble for my friend to retaliate (even for a failed attempt) by tying the actives' doorknobs together across the (upper floor) hall, in zig-zag fashion...

And then disconnect all their phones at the Illinois Bell demarc box in the basement.

I guess the moral of the story is, frats that admit geeks get what they deserve.

1 It doesn't have to be this hard anymore. With the advent of the big-box home improvement store (Menard's, Home Despot, Lowe's, etc...) you can find re-keying kits for many popular kinds of locks.


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