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I caught the 10pm showing of "Prisoner of Azkaban" last night, and It Was Good. I would have liked to see more Quidditch, but I understand it's expensive as all fuck to produce, and they needed to make their effects budget last. (Harry's flight on Buckbeak is a keeper.) Like "Chamber of Secrets", I thought a lot of subtle story-enhancing details were cut that should not have been, which wouldn't have affected the running time. On the other hand, we had a couple of scenes added of the boys goofing off in their dorm room, which was perfectly in character for boys of that age, and perfectly done. And my God, was this film visually magnificent. We got to see a lot more of the Hogwarts grounds than before. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Gary Oldman's part as Sirius Black is very small in this book, and thus this movie, but he still fucking owns while he's on. I expect Big Things from him in the next two films. Roger Ebert's review is very accurate about character, story, and plotting.

Oh, and three words: Rickman In Drag. :-)

Thursday, Dan and I caught "The Day After Tomorrow". Like "Independence Day", the visual effects were beautifully done. I liked the characters. The story was entertaining though simple. Don't expect a Will Smith-style action element though, it's not there.

The trailer for "Dodge Ball" looks very promising. Speaking of Will Smith, so does the trailer for "I, Robot", which has the added benefit of being set in Chicago. Finally, the Fresh Prince comes to the Loop to kick ass. :-) This is going to be a good summer for movies. Last summer was kind of a sleeper.

Dan and I also caught "Zero Day" on Thursday. I was disappointed. For starters, it gave me a headache. Motion sickness. Almost the entire movie is shot handheld as if by the two teenage protagonists with a camcorder. (The last ten minutes are security camera footage.) I forget where it came up on my radar, but I heard of this film as something inspired by the Columbine shootings. I knew there was "camcorder" footage. I expected that footage to punctuate conventionally-shot story to provide exposition and perspective, not to be the story. In the end, this came off as a rehash of Eric and Dylan's home movies and the CHS security cam footage of the rampage. It added nothing. We get no real look into what made the characters become the angry, vengeful people we see. There's no sympathy built for them, or antipathy built for anyone around them. I could have done a lot better. If I didn't think that the public is so over the concept, and that all such perpetrators or monsters unworthy of any sympathy, I might have half a mind to start writing.

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