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Today I Got Shit Done

Yes, Got Shit Done(tm).

The closet rods are up, so the collapsing stacks of T-shirts is off my dresser and hung up in the closet. Joey Mulcahy's basketball gear is accounted for and checked in. The new HFK is finally mounted in the car. The attic antenna for the Motorola mobile rig I'm using as a base station is mounted and connected. This week's 24 season finale is extracted and being burned to DVD for Nicole (who's on her honeymoon with Tim in the BVI.) The bills are paid, and Weiss's thank-you card from Mark and Leah is forwarded on to him (Leah goofed which card went with which envelope, amongst the Jasons in attendance at their wedding.) The laundry is mostly folded and put away. The car is vacuumed. There are new bulbs in the fluorescent fixture in the attic. There are compact fluorescents in the fixture across from the sink in the master bath.

I get an awful lot done when I get a bonus day like this. For some broken reason, I thought I was leaving for the baseball tourney in Vegas today, so I did the HFK and antenna install, and then prepared to leave at noon. I thought to pull the slip of paper with my hotel reservation information written on it, to discover I leave tomorrow. Oops. I'm half-packed, and it's the more scattered half, so I'll be ready to go early tomorrow.

The Mountain West Conference baseball tournament is at UNLV this week. San Diego State plays in a semifinal game at 3, which I'm going to try to make it to. Rielly Embrey, their first baseman, played and graduated with about half of my team. (Nate's planning to go, too.) If State wins, they play on Saturday at the same time we do, so this is the only chance I'll have to see them. If they lose, I promised Nate I'd pay the $85/head fee to add anyone he could Shanghai from State to our roster for our tourney. :-)

Ran into Bryan (Mc)Duffy and his mom at Wal*Mart shopping for hangers and fluorescents. Nate actually did ask him to come out to pitch on Monday. His mom killed that. I was surprised Nate even asked, as he'd earlier dismissed the idea since Bryan's nowhere near 21. It's just as well. A boy his age shouldn't be driving to/from Vegas on a holiday weekend.

Steve Engelhardt posted a transcript of Al Gore's speech Wednesday to MoveON PAC. It's outstanding, and I think covers the core of the war angle to why Shrub needs to be thrown out on his ass. I wrote an item yesterday about Shrub's religious faith. khouse's comment provoked a better response out of me why Shrub's religious-political commingling justifies his ouster too. Kevin does make a good point, though I don't agree with him. (Not that I think he's wrong, I just don't know if he's right.) The difference is, Kevin doesn't set national policy.

I go to bed now. It's too damned late. But I feel accomplished, for once.

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