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Another midly productive day

I got all the empty boxes stacked in the bedroom into the attic, finally.

I spent too much of the day chasing all over town after the Godzilla soundtrack CD. Why search for a soundtrack from a thoroughly forgettable movie? Because it's the only way to get Rage Against The Machine's "No Shelter", which I heard twice in Virginia last weekend and got fed up with not having. I didn't want to schlep to Tower, but the Sam Goody at North County Fair and the Mira Mesa Beast Buy didn't stock it. And then... neither did Tower. WTF, I figured I'd see if Whorehouse had closed their location in Del Mar, as they had the three in Mira Mesa, Poway, and NCF. It was still there, they still sell used CDs, and had three copies.

This is after I drop over $250 at Tower. Look, they had all the Denis Leary and Sam Kinison CDs I keep forgetting to buy, plus the Python Live DVD set, and the Criterion rerelease of Charade. And I found the import single of the Offspring's "Hit That", which includes--get this--a rendition of the song by the USC Marching Band. This is so going to be a pitching conference song next year...

I'm still amused that NWA has an airline. Strangely, they do not have an LA metro hub, so you can fly anywhere in the world, straight outta Compton.

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