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Amusing question of the day

Up at Palomar today, Coach Dottore and I were chatting during some downtime, he asked me if I was planning to try out for the team in the spring. As if I were remotely good enough to make that team... there's freshmen at Poway (hell, Little Leaguers in our camp) that are better than me, and Palomar has to cut experienced HS varsity players as it is.

But even if I improved that much, even if I were eligible under the JC rules (which I doubt, since I have a four-year degree,) and even if I wanted to sit through twelve hours of classes I don't need, I wouldn't do it. Yeah, I love playing baseball, I love the idea of playing for one's school's team, I realize that the time for that in my life is long past. I already have the means to make a good living for myself, one which still allows me to play baseball, at as competitive a level as I'm suited for. If I made that team, I'd probably edge out some kid just out of a local high school, who's probably been playing, working on his game, year-round since he was 8, who might just be able to turn baseball into a career, or snag a scholarship and pay for college on it, or just enjoy another two years of competition with his peers and friends. If I took his spot, I'd close that path in his life. For what? I'm already successful, how could I justify stepping on someone else's chance for success? I'm not that vain anymore.

Now, if I woke up tomorrow morning and discovered I was 14 again, I'd enroll my ass in next week's incoming frosh camp at Poway so fast... :-)

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