Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

More people for the wall

Really, I'm really making an honest effort to be discriminating in whose heads I actually call for. Not every transgression on this planet truly merits death. People who run red lights, sure, should have to watch as their cars and the nonliving contents inside are summarily destroyed. But they should keep their lives. Ditto Steve Bartman. His ball got blowed up, he gets to live in shame forever. (Spamming, however, should still be grounds for justifiable homicide.)

The next group that truly deserves to be lined up against a wall and shot are these advertisers. No, you do not get to cloud editorial pages with your products. We have enough problems with editorial independence without someone else adding their shit to the mix. (I don't mean that rhetorically--this would be equivalent to an ad exec squatting over a running press and pinching a loaf into it.)

And you can add Major League Baseball if they ever cave. I really loathe the European soccer (and hockey, and American auto racing, for that matter) uniforms, whose sponsor names and logos dwarf the names of the teams. There is more than enough room on the stadium structures plus all the technological tricks for television. You don't need the players as fucking billboards.

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