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All fired up and no place to go

Well, not really.

I have two software projects going now. I'm writing a new perl script to automate my DVD building process. It handles everything, down to checking for prerequisites and presenting that data to help you assemble things. I also got a response from Ovolab on my Phlink issues from last week, and they pointed me at a beta of the next version, which fixes my problems. So I'm writing AppleScripts there to generate a web page for message retrieval via the web, to act like an answering machine for playback on the phone, and to put a message count on my LED signs.

I understand in my mind, very clearly, what all these scripts need to do. But I have small hangups on the implementation details. Syntax, what order of action is correct, how to read a text file from within AppleScript. And this kind of blocks me. It makes me stop and not do anything--including research the answers to those small questions. A little bit of effort to get me rolling again, and I drag my heels making it. And I know I'm doing it, so it drags me down emotionally. This used to happen while I was at Qualcomm every once in a while. I still haven't figured out why. You'd think the obvious prospect of kicking ass would be enough enticement to get things moving...

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